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Large Animal and Equine Health

If you have a large animal, such as a horse, goats, camels, sheep, or cows then choose our Elk Valley location for your medical needs. In addition to being equipped for all of your large animal medical care needs, Elk Valley is built with accommodations for large animal hospitalization. Cant come to us?  We can come to you!  We offer farms calls. These are individually scheduled by the Doctors so call the office today and we will set it up! Below is a list of equine and large animal services.



  • Reproductive ultrasonography
  • Upper airway endoscopy
  • Equine Lameness and Prepurchase exams
  • Equine digital radiography
  • Yearly Equine Wellness Exams
  • In-House Colic treatments
  • Equine Surgery including lacerations and castrations
  • Equine Ophthalmology
  • Equine Dentistry
  • Equine Pregnancy Checks


Small Ruminants and Camelids:

  • Annual wellness exams: Examining your flock each year allows us to provide general examinations, hoof care recommendations, annual vaccines for rabies, tetanus and Clostridium types C/D & T and help design a parasite control plan to suit your flock.  We provide health certificates when required for travel. We can provide testing for Johne's disease (sheep and goats) and CAE (goat). 
  • Hoof care
  • Dental care
  • Sick Exams: We offer in-hospital examinations in case of illness which includes evaluation for urethral blockages, infectious diseases, dystocia (difficult births) and any other conditions that may affect your flock.
  • Surgical Services: We offer in-hospital castration for bucks and rams, dehorning kids and c-sections.



  • Herd health care: Examining your herd each year allows us to provide general examinations and help design a parasite control program that meets your herd's needs.  We can provide veterinary feed directives (VFDs) to provide the best nutrition for your herd to thrive and write health certificates when required for traveling.
  • Parasite control
  • Sick Exams: We offer in-hospital examinations for common illness including milk fever, lameness, and mastitis

Pigs (production and pot-bellied):

  • Wellness exam: Examining your pig for routine health examinations we offer health certificates when required for travel, along providing tusk and hoof trimming.
  • Surgical Services: We offer a few surgical services including routine castration


Health Certificate service on all large animals and equines. 

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