All cats and dogs must be current on all vaccinations including Bordatella for boarding admission. Please note if your dog is not current on the Bordatella vaccine at least 7 days prior and he/she receives the vaccination when entering for boarding, they may still contract canine cough. You will be responsible for any medical treatment that may be required as a result of this.

ALL DOGS boarded for 5 nights or more will receive a complimentary bath!!!
Toys, Blankets, and beds are welcome; however Valley West/Elk Valley Veterinary Hospitals does not assume responsibility for lost or damaged belongings. Please list all items

In order to protect all of our patients and boarders we will be giving animals that stay overnight an oral medication (CAPSTAR) to kill all adult fleas. This medication only kills adult fleas and lasts for 24 hours. If we find that you animal may need more treatment than this we will apply a topical flea medication at your expense to prevent fleas from spreading to other animals while they are in our care.

In the event that I cannot be reached, I authorize the doctors and staff at Valley West Veterinary/Elk valley Veterinary Hospital to do what is necessary in the event of an illness or emergency situation. I understand that I will be responsible for any charges incurred.

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